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    萬柳購物中心東部為中關村西區,南部緊鄰萬柳高檔居住社區,西部是世紀城居住社區,北部是頤和園。華聯萬柳中心營業面積達11萬平方米,地下2層,地上5層,集休閑、娛樂、餐飲、購物為一體的時尚家庭一站式購物中心,北京華聯集團所屬購物中心管理團隊攜國際知名 BHG超市、BHG百貨及眾多國際、國內時尚品牌的加入使成為豐富、高端、時尚的購物中心。

The eastern Wanliu Shopping Center is west area of Zhong Guancun, close to Wanliu high-level residence community in the south, adjacent to Century Town residence community in the west and next to Summer Palace in the north. Hualian center of Hualian has operation area of 110 thousand square meters, underground 2 floors, 5 floors above the ground, as a fashion and home one-stop Shopping centre integrating recreation, entertainment, cuisine, shopping as a whole. The shopping center management team subordinate to Beijing Hualian Group invites international famous BHG supermarket, BHG department and massive international and domestic fashion brands to become enriched, high-end and fashionable shopping center.

本項目共包括10個子系統:This project includes 10 subsystem in total:

視頻監控系統          Video monitoring system

防盜報警系統          Thief-guarding alarming system

衛星及有線電視系統     Satellite and cable TV system

電子巡更系統           electronic petrol system

綜合布線系統           Comprehensive wiring system

計算機網絡系統         Computer network system

中心機房系統           Central engine room system
停車場管理系統         Parking lot management system

門禁一卡通系統        Access control One-Card-Through system

樓宇自動化控制{BA}系統 Building automation control {BA} system

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